Othello+poster copy.jpg

Original Score by Curtis Moore

Directed by Barry Edelstein

Opening the 2014 Shakespeare Festival at the The Old Globe in Balboa Park, Othello brought me back together with director Barry Edelstein to compose the score for this critically acclaimed Shakespeare production. We were joined by actors Blair Underwood in the title role, Richard Thomas as Iago, and Kristen Connolly as Desdemona. I used two live percussionists playing mostly mallet instruments to create a vibrant and energetic score to accompany this vividly forward-moving production.

Opening night, Saturday, June 28, 2014.

The original music by Curtis Moore, a constant presence in the hands of Ryan Nestor and Jonathan Hepfer on an array of percussion and stringed instruments, gives the production a unified vitality almost flawless. 

— San Diego Story, June 30, 2014
Curtis Moore’s exciting original music, scored for two percussionists perched above the playing area, proves integral to the enjoyment of the evening.
— Talkin' Broadway, July 2, 2014